Frequently asked questions

FAQ & Sweat-iquette

What do I need to do before my appointment?

Minimal. Just make sure you are well hydrated every time you sauna.

What do I need to bring?

Not much. Water, whatever you’d like to wear (some prefer light clothing, others prefer nothing at all) and make sure to show up with a ready to relax mentality. We provide towels and anything else you might need for your session.

How sanitary are the saunas?

Unlike gym saunas, we sanitize our saunas after every use with natural products. Additionally, our cedarwood is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. On top of that, infrared light also kills any bacteria and germs. If you choose to sauna without clothing, we just ask you to please use one of our towels on the bench. Absolutely no shoes or sandals in the saunas. If you want to have something on your feet, socks are okay.

Is it safe to use my phone?

Yes, but as our studio is a place for people to relax and heal their bodies so please no phone calls and keep music volumes at a minimal level.

Who should use the sauna?

Anyone who wants to relax, heal pains, detoxify, burn calories, increase heart health, improve skin, boost immune system or enhance sports performance. Additionally, there are other countless benefits that have been associated with sauna usage!

What if I have breast implants, artificial joints, rods/pins, etc.?

Don’t worry. All of these items are either reflective or unaffected by infrared heat.

Who should not use the sauna?

Pregnant women or anyone with heart concerns. We recommend that anyone taking prescription medications, anyone that has had heart related issues/surgeries or anyone with low blood pressure please consult their physician prior to using the sauna.

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